Published: 31 December 2011

Modeling wave propagation through an analytical surface model

J. I. Real1
C. Zamorano2
L. Montalbán3
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Nowadays there is a certain development in the use of railway, especially in the form of trams and underground lines in urban areas. Despite its many advantages, this kind of transport is a significant source of vibrations, which may affect residents and buildings near to the track. Wave transmission through the ground is therefore a phenomenon of particular interest. The object of this article is to formulate and test an analytical model of vibration propagation through the terrain surface. The model is based on the wave equation and takes into account wave scattering and reflection in the interfaces between different soil layers. A sensitivity analysis of its main parameters is carried out, and then a comprehensive set of simulations is made to test model performance and analyze factors such as load magnitude and velocity or soil configuration. The model has proved to be an interesting instrument to study the vibration phenomenon from a theoretical point of view and some improvements are proposed to turn it into a tool for engineers and designers.

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31 December 2011
ground vibrations
wave reflection