Published: 31 December 2011

Modeling of the interaction between the damaged construction and acoustical environment

R. Mikalauskas1
V. Volkovas2
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Acoustic properties of various structural systems of the buildings are becoming the major field of investigation among scientists, designers and manufacturers dealing with noise reduction. The causes of noise, which propagates in the air and structural medium, are human activities, audible expression of human emotions and operation of the machinery. The model of interaction between the acoustic field and building structure is investigated in this paper. A 3D model is developed in order to analyze a two-storey floor-column structure by applying both acoustical and mechanical excitation including consideration of different structural nonhomogeneities. Mechanical defects (reduction of rigidity due to floor flaw) have been simulated in the study. The results indicate that the acoustic load of the same magnitude and frequency during harmonic excitation may lead to larger deformations of the structure containing a mechanical defect

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31 December 2011
acoustical field modeling
damaged structure vibration
acoustical loading