Published: 31 March 2012

Precipitation process in VM12 steel after ageing at 650ºC temperature

Joanna Kepa1
Grzegorz Golanski2
Adam Zielinski3
Alina Brodziak-Hyska4
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The material for research was high chromium martensitic VM12 steel. Test pieces were isothermally aged in the air atmosphere at the temperature of 650ºC and at times up to 5000 hours. Changes in the microstructure were observed and recorded by means of highresolution electron microscope JOEL JEM 3010 and scanning electron microscopy JOEL 6610LV. Identification of the precipitates was made using extraction carbon replicas and thin foils with the SAED method. Changes in the morphology of precipitates in VM12 steel have been shown in the form of diagrams. The research aim was to analyze the precipitation processes. The tests were performed on VM12 steel in the as-received condition (after heat treatment) and after 5000 hours of ageing at the temperature of 650ºC.

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31 March 2012
martensitic VM12 steel
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