Published: 31 March 2012

Analytical approximation of nonlinear frequency of cantilever beam vibrations

Hamid M. Sedighi1
Arash Reza2
Jamal Zare3
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This research presents the application of modern analytical approaches for the nonlinear vibrations of cantilever beams. These methods are Homotopy Analysis Method, Parameter Expansion Method and Bubnov-Galerkin Weighted Residual Method. Powerful analytical methods are used to obtain frequency-amplitude relationship of dynamic behavior of the mentioned system. It is demonstrated that one term in series expansions of all methods are sufficient to obtain a highly accurate solution. Finally, a comparison with numerical methods is provided in order to confirm the soundness of the obtained results.

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30 December 2011
14 February 2012
31 March 2012
homotopy analysis method
He’s parameter expanding method
Bubnov-Galerkin method
nonlinear vibration of beam