Published: 31 March 2012

Feasibility and principle analyses of morphing airfoil used to control flight attitude

Du Sha1
Hai-Song Ang2
Long Liu3
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Morphing airfoil technology can enable an aircraft to adapt its shape to enhance mission performance and replace the traditional flap, ailerons, elevator and rudders to optimize flight attitude control efficiency. A set of optimal airfoil shapes are obtained aimed to minimize the aerodynamic drag character by optimizing morphing configurations at different under the two-dimensional steady-flow simulation. The traditional airfoil and morphing airfoil at different are compared. It is proved that morphing wing can be used instead of a traditional wing. Couples of traditional control surface and morphing airfoil are chosen to simulate and analyze the aerodynamic difference. The flow mechanism is described on the basis of aerodynamic simulations performed by CFX. It is demonstrated why the morphing wing can provide the same with a small .

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27 November 2011
14 February 2012
31 March 2012
morphing airfoil
control surface
compliant structure
polar computation
aerodynamic analysis