Published: 30 June 2012

A study of selected properties in high dispersion padding welds produced in machine elements

Wojciech Napadlek1
Agnieszka Laber2
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This paper presents selected laboratory research results concerning the production of high dispersion padding welds that were made from Castolin EnDOtec DO390N P pulverized nanowire on acid resistant 0Hl8N9 steel using laser technology. The analysis of the microstructure showed a high dispersion of the micro- and nano-structure where the phase particles of large volume carbide (MC), M23(BC) boron carbides, and M2B borides are distributed in the fine-grained iron matrix. The study found extensive differentiation of chemical composition in the micro-areas and extensive non-homogeneity of the microstructure due to repeated laser melting of the padding weld layer. Its surface hardness was 68-72 HRC and the cross-sectional microhardness was as high as 990 - ll00 HV0, l.

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10 September 2011
14 May 2012
30 June 2012
acid resistant steel
powder nanowire
laser padding weld
chemical composition