Published: 30 June 2012

Investigation of dissipative properties of liquid crystalline lubricant layer

Vadim Mokšin1
Arturas Kilikevicius2
Vladas Vekteris3
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This work aims to investigate vibration behavior of rotating roller - a fixed segment friction pair lubricated with pure motor oil and motor oil containing liquid crystal (cholesteryl oleate) additive. Experiments were performed under boundary friction conditions. Mechanical vibrations were registered through the processing and analysis of radial vibration data of the segment, obtained for each lubricant composition under constant roller speed. It is established that vibration level of the segment is reduced at the presence of liquid crystal additive. Theoretical investigations of load-carrying properties of individual layered liquid crystal in a lubricating gap of the film lubrication bearing show a strong increase in load as compared with the equivalent viscous lubricant.

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30 June 2012
liquid crystal
motor oil
friction pair
vibration amplitude