Published: 30 June 2012

Characterization of mechanical properties by inverse technique for composite reinforced by knitted fabric. Part 1. Material modeling and direct experimental evaluation of mechanical properties

O. Kononova1
A. Krasnikovs2
G. Kharkova3
J. Zalesky4
E. Machanovsky5
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Polymer composites reinforced with knitted fabrics are materials with high potential in aerospace and machine building industries [1-6]. Such materials are mechanically non-linear with a high dynamic energy absorption capacity. Accurate prediction of mechanical properties is of great importance for these materials when considering their applications in novel structures. Three different approaches were implemented to this aim in the reported research work and the results are presented in: Part 1- numerical structural modeling (FEM using Solid Works) based on application of experimentally measured mechanical and geometrical properties of reinforcement and matrix, accompanied by direct measurements of mechanical properties; Part 2 - application of inverse method for characterization of mechanical properties by means of vibration modal analysis. The goal was to obtain and predict mechanical behavior of a weft knitted fabric reinforced multilayered composite plate. Results of all three approaches were compared and discussed.

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30 June 2012
textile composites
weft knitted fabric
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