Published: 30 June 2012

Research of lateral vibrations of a passenger wagon running along the curved path

R. Skvireckas1
A. Keršys2
R. Keršys3
V. Lukoševicius4
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The objective of this work is to study transverse vibration of a passenger car body running at various speeds over the track irregularities, which are usually encountered in practice. The tasks that are addressed in this research work: perform tests at track irregularities of symmetrical sinusoidal shape running both along straight and curved paths, as well as driving over the junctions along the straight and curved paths, and compare the results.

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09 April 2012
14 May 2012
30 June 2012
passenger wagon
horizontal vibration
irregularities of sinusoidal shape
passing track irregularities at the junction
vibration acceleration
vibration velocity