Published: 30 September 2012

Numerical model of journal bearing lubrication considering a bending stiffness effect

Juhwan Choi1
Seong Su Kim2
Sungsoo Rhim3
Jin Hwan Choi4
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An analysis for operating characteristics of journal bearing lubrication system is performed based on the numerical model. Dynamic bearing lubrication characteristics such as oil film pressure and thickness distribution can be analyzed through a numerical model with an integration of elastohydrodynamics and multi-flexible-body dynamics (MFBD). In particular, the oil film thickness variation by elastic deformation is considered in the elastohydrodynamic analysis by applying the bending stiffness effect of journal. And the oil film thickness variation by the bending stiffness effect is applied to the fluid governing equations to calculate the oil film pressure in the elastohydrodynamic lubrication region. A series of process proposed in this study is available for the analysis of realistic elastohydrodynamic lubrication phenomenon. Also, a numerical example for the journal bearing lubrication system is demonstrated and compared with the experimental results. The numerical results considering the bending stiffness effect show a good agreement with the experimental results.

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