Published: 30 September 2012

Investigation of vibro-acoustic properties of modern lathe collet chuck

A. Senkus1
E. Jotautiene2
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Manufacturing industry has been attempting to attain the required cutting performance in order to achieve high precision, fast productivity and lower maintenance costs. Vibrations generated during machining can be a serious problem degrading component quality, precision, tool service life, lathe performance and cutting rates. This paper is concerned with analysis of cutting process by using modal testing. Static and dynamic deformations of lathe collet chuck have a significant impact on cutting process stability, which affects workpiece quality and production output. Modal analysis was applied to develop a mathematical model of chucks dynamics, which consist of a number of mode shapes each with natural frequency and modal damping. Modal analysis and experimental measurements were performed on a collet chuck of CNC lathe installed in metal working company UAB “Stevila”.

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modal analysis
natural frequencies