Published: 30 September 2012

Study of characteristic variations of high-speed spindles induced by centrifugal expansion deformations

Hongrui Cao1
Tomas Holkup2
Xuefeng Chen3
Zhengjia He4
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High-speed machining has continuously pushed the demand of spindles with higher speed and higher reliability. In order to design, analyze, and test spindles in a virtual environment, accurate modeling of the spindle dynamics during the running state is essential. This paper investigates the variations of interference fit and bearing preload condition induced by centrifugal expansion deformations at high speed. Firstly, the elastic expansion deformations of the rotating parts due to centrifugal force are calculated based on mechanics of elasticity. It is found that the centrifugal expansion deformation of the bearing inner ring is much larger than the deformation of the shaft when the rotational speed increases, and therefore the amount of the interference between the shaft and the bearing decreases with the speed. Then, with consideration of the centrifugal expansion deformation, a dynamic model of high-speed rolling ball bearings is presented with experimental validation. With the proposed bearing model, centrifugal effects on the bearing preload condition are studied in detail. It is shown that the bearing contact angle decreases, while the contact load increases with the centrifugal expansion deformation of the bearing inner ring. The radial bearing stiffness increases, whereas the axial bearing stiffness decreases a little, due to the resultant effects of the decreased contact angle and the increased contact load. The preload condition of the spindle bearing is strengthened by the centrifugal expansion effect of the bearing inner ring.

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high-speed spindle
rolling bearing
centrifugal effect
radial expansion
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