Published: 30 September 2012

R&D of the device for blind to conceive 2D graphical information

R. Bansevicius1
E. Dragašius2
D. Mažeika3
V. Jurenas4
I. Skiedraite5
A. Žvironas6
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Miniature piezoelectric thimble is described and investigated, based on friction control between PC screen and thimble’s contacting surface. The contours of the image on PC screen switch on and off harmonic or non-harmonic electric signals, connected to the electrodes of bimorph piezoelectric transducer, generating bending deformations, affecting friction coefficient. While scanning the PC screen in two directions, these periodic variations of friction coefficient result in oscillations of the fingertip, related to the color or intensity of the image components on the screen. Another three cases of pin’s oscillations normal to finger contacting surface are described.

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30 September 2012
piezoelectric actuator
blind person
graphical information
friction coefficient