Published: 31 December 2012

Effects of muscular response for the intensity of vibratory stimulus applied on the ankle tendon

Ha-Ju So1
Seong-Hyun Kim2
Dong-Wook Kim3
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The present study was conducted to measure the individual threshold value for the somatosensory system of the human body, the thresholds value of vibratory stimulus were assessed through the ascent and descent methods. In the interests of the attainment of this study`s goal, comparing the thresholds value measured and change of state of the muscles when applied on the ankle tendon connected to muscles, changes in threshold measurement accuracy due to the differences in measuring methods were discussed. The experiment was conducted by constructing systems to stimulate somethetic sensibility by vibratory stimulus, ultrasound imaging system and EMG system. Five adult males were involved in this experiment. According to the results of experiments, the threshold value of somatosensory stimulation measured by the ascent method was greater than the threshold values measured by the descent method. And the muscular response to the somatosensory stimulation applied to the tibialis anterior tendon showed a larger rate of change with the ascending stimulus than with the descending stimulus. The results of this study could serve as a basis to discuss the reliability of the measurement method of the human body’s individual threshold value for the somatosensory system through the ascent and descent methods and can be used as reference data for the integration and performance threshold measurement methods.

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vibratory stimulus
somatosensory stimulation
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