Published: 31 March 2007

Chain type system with wave excitation

K. Ragulskis1
M. Ragulskis2
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Various systems based on waves and vibrations are used for displacing, grouping, classification of multidimensional media and bodies. This paper deals with such wave operation based systems augmented by self-stopping elements which ensure one-directional motion of the driven sub-systems. Such enhancements can improve some dynamical characteristics of the analysed systems. The objective of this paper is to develop models of systems and methods of analysis which would help to reveal nonlinear dynamical properties and phenomena of those systems. The conditions of solutions' existence and stability, basin boundaries are determined. Simpler cases are analysed analytically. The obtained relationships provide insight into nonlinear dynamics of complex systems which are analysed numerically.

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31 March 2007
standing and propagating waves
self-stopping element
nonlinear dynamics