In this journal issue, we present a diverse range of research papers that delve into crucial aspects of advances in carbon capture and utilization techniques. These papers contribute valuable insights to the ongoing discussions surrounding sustainable energy practices and carbon management. Below, we provide a brief overview of the three featured papers.

Paper 1: Studying the Impact of Reservoir Temperature, Water Salinity, and CO2 Dryness on CO2 Injectivity during Geological CO2 Sequestration
This paper explores the critical factors influencing the injectivity of carbon dioxide (CO2) during geological CO2 sequestration—a fundamental process in carbon capture and storage (CCS). The study investigates the complex interplay between reservoir temperature, water salinity, and CO2 dryness, shedding light on how these factors impact the effectiveness of CO2 storage. Insights from this research have significant implications for the development of efficient and sustainable CCS strategies.

Paper 2: Decarbonization Options of Existing Thermal Power Plants Burning Natural Gas
As the global transition to cleaner energy sources gains momentum, the decarbonization of existing thermal power plants presents a pressing challenge. This paper explores various decarbonization options specifically tailored for thermal power plants that burn natural gas. By examining feasible technologies and strategies, this research offers valuable guidance on reducing the carbon footprint of these facilities while maintaining energy production.

Paper 3: An Overview of Baltic Carbon Forum Conference 2022
Our journal issue also features an overview of the Baltic Carbon Forum Conference 2022, a significant event that brought together experts and stakeholders to discuss carbon management, climate action, and sustainable energy solutions. This overview provides a glimpse into the key themes, discussions, and outcomes of the conference, offering readers a comprehensive summary of the insights shared by thought leaders in the field.

We trust that these papers will contribute to the ongoing dialogue on sustainable energy and environmental stewardship. Each paper explores critical aspects of our journey toward a greener and more sustainable future

Mayur Pal
Prof. Mayur Pal
Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania,