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Baltic Carbon Forum (BCF) ISSN (Print) 2783-7211, ISSN (Online) 2783-6959. Climate change is a serious environmental issue facing the world today. Most promising technique to tackle climate change is through Carbon capture utilization and storage commonly known as CCUS. It is a unique technique, which could enable human race to tackle climate change. The aim of the journal is to publish high quality articles targeting full value chain associated with Carbon capture, transport, storage, utilization and modelling.

Every consecutive Volume of Baltic Carbon Forum is dedicated to a separate Conference.

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Mayur Pal

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Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania

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Every consecutive Volume of Vibroengineering Procedia is dedicated to a separate Conference.

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Editor's Pick

Greensand project – transport and offshore storage of CO2 in Denmark – status, outlook and challenges

Søren Reinhold Poulsen

The Greensand project includes, beside from safe and efficient geological offshore CO2 storage, offshore transport by ship and/or pipeline of CO2 from key side onshore facilities established to capture, liquefy, onshore transport and temporarily store the CO2 before offloading to storage site. The Greensand project builds on the usage of the offshore Siri complex sandstone reservoirs no longer in use for oil and gas production. The storage sites, offloading and injection systems and transportati

Baltic Carbon Forum, Vol. 1, 2022, p. 8-8.

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