Published: 30 June 2007

Research of variations of frequency of non-linear dynamic model of the muscle

M. Mariunas1
K. Daunoraviciene2
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The paper presents the methodic for research of non-linear muscular stiffness characteristics, operating with polynomial and Gaussian functions. The dynamical muscle model has been made which led to observe the variations of muscular amplitude-frequentative characteristics in loading duration and at different magnitudes of the load. It was appointed that in non-linear muscle system, in the beginning of muscle loading, not less 6 different frequency harmonics appeared and with longer loading duration the amount of them decrease. In marginal case when ? ?t , the amount of frequencies approached to four. The regularities of muscle frequency characteristics in muscle loading duration explored analytically were compared to results got by experimental way

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30 June 2007
frequentative characteristics
muscle dynamic model
nonlinear characteristics