Published: 31 December 2007

Electrovibrostimulation during the training of sportsmen, an experimental set-up

Koos Jaap Van Zwieten1
I. Verhaegen2
Bert Op't Eijnde3
A. Zinkovsky4
I. Zubova5
K. Schmidt6
P. Lippens7
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In this study the effects of electrovibrostimulation training are compared with classical powertraining, in a group of 18-24 years old healthy sportsmen, during the spring season of 2007. Former studies showed the effectiveness of electrovibrostimulation on the functional condition of muscles: increase of the strength in the active insufficiency zone and increase of the elasticity in the passive insufficiency zone, consequently improving joint strength and mobility. After four weeks of electrovibrostimulation, applied twice a week, significant increases of isometric strength and explosive strength were observed, whereas the flexibility remained the same. Some hypotheses are discussed concerning the possible working mechanisms of electrovibrostimulation

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31 December 2007
Sportsmen training
whole body vibration
musculoskeletal apparatus