Published: 30 June 2008

Dynamics and reliability of gear driver with antifriction bearings

P. Mažeika1
R. Didžiokas2
V. Barzdaitis3
M. Bogdevicius4
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The heavy duty gear driver with antifriction bearings have been modeled, simulated and tested in situ. The experimental data of rotors shafts vibration displacements were used in physical model of gear teeth meshing dynamics simulation. The modeling and simulation of rotating system and gears teeth meshing was provided by finite element method. The aims of this paper are: to protect unexpected failures of rotating system with gear power transmission running on antifriction bearings, to simulate contact stresses of gears teeth meshing versus rotor rotation axis position changes that caused by damaged bearings vibration displacements. The experimental and simulation results were implemented in industry

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30 June 2008
gear driver transmission
antifriction bearings
modeling and simulation
contact stresses