Published: 30 September 2008

Dem analysis of effect of the particle size during the material flow in wedge-shaped hopper

R. Balevicius1
R. Kacianauskas2
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"The current analysis was mainly focused to the study of the strained physical effects arising from a decrease of the particles number. The main aspects concerning programming concepts as well as languages having influence on the computer time of simulations is also presented. The limitation in the particles amount was adopted by increasing the particle radii to keep constant the total mass of granular material. In this way, the performed computer simulations of the filling and discharge in three-dimensional hopper using 1980, 10000 and 20400 number of particles were shown that the decrease in particles number with increasing the particle radii produces an artificial friction due to material homogeneity. This is results in the decreased mass fraction and its rate during discharge causing the longest time for the full material discharge; the decreased normal and increased shear pressure of walls"

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discrete element method
programming concepts
material heterogeneity
wedge shaped three-dimensional hopper