Published: 31 December 2008

Generating of sub harmonic resonant oscillations and problems of their stability

M. Chelidze1
V. Zviadauri2
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In a defined frequency area of any nonlinear systems two stabile resonance operating conditions are generated with high or low amplitudes of oscillations. Together with that, if the nonlinearity of the exciting force (for instance electromagnetic traction force) is a reason of the system nonlinearity then in a system can be established a parametric type of sub harmonic resonant operating conditions. Sub harmonic oscillations are causing interest because it ensures to carry out many technological operations where low frequency oscillations are needed. Regrettably these types of oscillations up to date are not studied on the sufficient level. In the field of the research of nonlinear resonant operating conditions, the amplitude frequency characteristic (AFC) gives more significant information on stability and reliability of the got amplitudes. A study of the nonlinear systems and their related processes meets much difficulty. Especial follows to note that difficulties existed under mathematical simulation, when the frequency of the external force or technological load happened to change discrete. The carried out researches enables us to obtain the stable operating conditions of non-linear electromagnetic vibrators

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31 December 2008
sub harmonic resonant oscillations
electromagnetic vibratory machine
electromagnetic force
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