Published: 31 December 2008

Influence of spatial resonant oscillations of the vibratory machine working organ on the technological load behaviour

V. Zviadauri1
G. Tumanishvili2
T. Nadiradze3
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"For raising the quality of operation of the vibratory technologic machines a precision of the treatment and assemblage of their constructions separate details and units has a particular importance. Specificity of elastic elements (especially of springs) – to oscillate not only in direction of the acting force but also in spatial (non-working) directions, is of no small importance. An attempt is made in the presented work to elaborate a common generalized dynamical model of the vibratory technologic machine, moving in the space due to above mentioned reasons. The following possible deviations are envisaged in the model: of treatment and assemblage of the machine; of interlocation of elastic elements with supporting surfaces; of transfer of the exciting force. Dynamical and mathematical models of spatial movement of the loaded vibratory technologic machine, considering above mentioned possible deviations, are elaborated. Numerical experiments of generation of non-working spatial vibrations and their influence on behaviour of the friable technologic load, are carried out. A part of the research results is presented in this work"

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02 October 2008
02 December 2008
31 December 2008
spatial oscillations
technological load
vibrating transportation
spatial dynamical model