Published: 31 December 2008

Realization of direct methods and algorithms for global analysis of nonlinear dynamical systems

I. T. Schukin1
M. V. Zakrzhevsky2
Yu. M. Ivanov3
V. V. Kugelevich4
V. E. Malgin5
V. Yu. Frolov6
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The article is devoted to the parametrical analysis of periodic and chaotic oscillations in the nonlinear dynamical systems. Description of the systematic approach to the construction of bifurcation diagrams is offered to your attention. Considered approach allows us to build complete bifurcation diagrams. These diagrams allow to find and investigate regimes, analysis of which is inaccessible by traditional methods. Such approach is used in the method of complete bifurcation groups and realized in the software SPRING. Description of method of complete bifurcation groups and results of using of this method for the parametric analysis of the nonlinear dynamic systems is presented in this article

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31 December 2008
numerical simulation
complete bifurcation diagram
bifurcation group
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