Published: 31 December 2008

Research of parametric vibrations of drive shafts with electric motor

B. Spruogis1
V. Turla2
E. Jurkonis3
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Continuous increase of the rotational speed of the rotating machinery results in the inevitable growth of the dynamic loads and vibration. One of the most efficient way of absorbing vibration in the rotary systems is the application of the resilient couplings. The current paper is concerned with the dynamics of the pendulum-type centrifugal ring elastic coupling. The torque and stiffness characteristics as well as the stability areas of the coupling’s operation are investigated. The compensational properties and effect of the vibration absorption of the coupling are analyzed

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22 October 2008
02 December 2008
31 December 2008
rotor system
centrifugal coupling
equivalent moment of inertia