Published: 31 March 2009

Vibratory positioning and search of automatically assembled parts on a horizontally vibrating plane

B. Bakšys1
K. Ramanauskyte2
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Part motion on a horizontal plane, which is excited in perpendicular directions according to harmonic law, is analyzed in this paper, considering an unconstrained part on the plane and a part having elastic and damping constraints. Motion trajectories of the part were investigated, when the plane vibrates along a circular, elliptical or complex trajectory, which is obtained by subjecting the plane to excitation of different frequency. Based on the character of motion trajectories and taking into account the parameters of the dynamic system, 5 regimes of body motion were defined. Zones of existence of these regimes were established. Characteristics of body motion were determined as functions of coefficient of friction between the part and the plane, excitation amplitude, frequency and phase shift of the excitation signals

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