Published: 31 March 2009

Analysis of calibration data of position of circular scale strokes

D. Brucas1
V. Giniotis2
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There is a wide variety of application of circular scales and rotary transducers used in micro-positioning devices for mechatronic measuring and control instruments. Their accuracy has direct influence on the accuracy of positioning or precision displacements of piezoelectric devices. There are a vast number of methods for accuracy calibration of the circular scales and rotary encoders. One of the modified methods (constant angle setting in full circle with multiple turn) has been proposed by the authors in this paper. Practical implementation of the method is described herein together with the analysis of the scale strokes biases (systematic errors) and random errors calculation. Values of scale strokes biases obtained by calibration of scale using the proposed method are compared with the reference values obtained by means of the multiangular prism (polygon) and photoelectric autocollimator

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