Published: 31 December 2009

Modeling and experimental validation of a new electromechanical damping device

G. Caruso1
O. Ben Mekki2
F. Bourquin3
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In this paper an innovative passive vibration damping system is proposed, effective on large flexible structures like tall buildings or long-span bridges. It employs an electromechanical actuator composed of a pendulum hinged to the vibrating structure and connected to an electric alternator. Once the pendulum has been tuned on a specific structural eigenmode, like a classical tuned mass damper, vibrational energy can be dissipated or harvested by connecting a resistive electric load to the alternator pins. Some experimental results are presented showing the effectiveness of the device both in vibration control and in energy harvesting

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04 September 2009
27 November 2009
31 December 2009
Passive vibration control
energy harvesting
electromechanical coupling
tuned mass damper
electrical dissipation