Published: 31 December 2009

Investigation of contact point trajectories of the beam type piezoelectric actuator with two preloaded masses

D. Mazeika1
R. Bansevicius2
G. Kulvietis3
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The results of numerical modeling and simulation of beam type piezoelectric actuator with two additional masses are given in the paper. Multimode oscillations of the actuator and trajectory of contact point motion strongly depend on location and weight of the additional masses so the aim of the paper was to investigate the dependencies between these parameters under harmonic excitation. Operation principle of the actuator is based on multimode resonant vibrations where superposition of longitudinal and bending modes is used. Two different excitation schemes of electrodes are used to achieve direct and reverse motion of the slider. Numerical study of the trajectories was performed using the finite element method. Dominating coefficients of the oscillations were employed to identify particular modal shapes of the actuator. Dependences between parameters of contact point trajectories and the weight and location of additional masses were determined and analyzed

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31 December 2009
piezoelectric actuator
beam with additional masses
trajectories of contact point