Published: 31 March 2010

Optimal robust control of aeroelastic system vibrations

K. Bousson1
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"A method for global and robust stabilization of aeroelastic wing vibrations based on optimal feedback control concepts is described in the present paper using Lyapunov stability theory. The method consists in decomposing the system model into a stabilizable linear part and a nonlinear part that satisfies sector-bound inequality; then a control law is designed to guarantee the global stabilization of the system and a specified robustness degree of the closed-loop dynamics. The validation of the method on aeroelastic wing section demonstrates better control performances over existing methods. The main contribution of the proposed method is that it allows one to design a linear controller that globally stabilizes a highly nonlinear system up to a specified degree of robustness without assuming any stability condition about the linear part, or matching conditions about the nonlinear uncertainties, contrarily to existing methods about optimal robust control"

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29 September 2009
27 November 2009
31 March 2010
aeroelastic vibrations
optimal robust control
Lyapunov stability theory