Published: 30 June 2010

Fiberconcrete non-linear fracture control through fresh concrete flow numerical simulation

A. Krasnikovs1
O. Kononova2
A. Khabaz3
J. Viba4
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The use of fiber (steel or synthetic) reinforced concrete (FRC) had a considerable increase during the last decades mainly due to its higher resistance to crack formation and simplified casting technique. At the same time fiberconcrete strength properties are non-linear with a high scatter. The paper presents results for fiberconcrete post-cracking behavior control by means of fresh FRC flow numerical simulations and prediction of internal structure (fiber orientation and distribution) formation

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27 January 2009
07 June 2010
30 June 2010
fiber reinforced concrete (FRC)
crack forming
fiberconcrete strength
flow numerical simulation
internal structure