Published: 30 June 2010

Smart optical rotation speed transducer

P. Kuzas1
V. Augutis2
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This paper presents a transducer that was designed for rotation speed measurement of water meter impeller during verification procedure of counting mechanisms. In many cases, particularly when wet type water meters are verified, the impeller is obstructed by dregs, rust, etc. and therefore is hardly visible. When using filtration both in spatial and frequency domains, steady and reliable measurements are obtained. Both theoretical and experimental results are presented in this paper. In this research work transfer function of smart rotational speed measurement transducer is shown and various modes of input parameters are modeled. The reliability of the transducer output signal and its response to optical disturbances are modeled and real signals from transducer prototype are given

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07 June 2010
30 June 2010
rotation speed
smart transducers
spatial filters