Published: 31 December 2010

Shape optimization of mounting disk of railway vehicle measurement system

A. Janushevskis1
A. Melnikovs2
A. Boyko3
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Nowadays special tensometric wheel pairs are used for the monitoring of wheel-rail system. In this work the task of unification of the tensometric wheel pairs and reduction of expenses required for testing is considered. The equipment allowing realization of the measurements for the monitoring of wagon or locomotive system wheel-railing using ordinary standard wheel pair is elaborated. The objective of optimization is to determine the shape of the equipment mounting disk with minimal volume constrained by specified displacement and stress levels. Dynamic excitations due to the rail irregularities and flat of wheel are taken into account. The strength calculations of the mounting disk are realized by FEM and are relatively time consuming. The shape optimization using metamodels is discussed. Procedures of metamodel building by local approximations are used. The optimal curved shape of the crosssection of the ellipsoidal mounting disc is elaborated

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31 December 2010
railway testing
measurement system
shape optimization