Published: 31 December 2010

Investigation of dynamic of smart valve using holographic PRISM system

R. Rimašauskiene1
R. Bansevicius2
G. Janušas3
A. Palevicius4
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The purpose of this work is to find dynamic characteristics of a new smart valve with piezoactuator used in different mechatronic systems, in medicine, alimentary industry, etc. Novelty of this valve is that one of the parts of its control device, i.e. membrane, is comprised of two raster steel disks (each disc has the same number of notches) and the flow is controlled by means of optical interference effect generated between them. With the help of holographic PRISM system we investigated which piezocylinder, segmented or nonsegmented, is better to use in the system of smart valve. Also we represented the original patented scheme of the smart valve

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smart materials
piezoceramic actuator
holographic method