Published: 31 December 2010

Investigation of motion control of piezoelectric unimorph for laser shutter systems

A. Bubulis1
V. Jurenas2
S. Navickaite3
V. Rugaityte4
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This paper presents the design and testing of a resonance frequency-tunable piezoelectric unimorph chopper and shutter that employ a magnetic force technique and magnetorheological fluid (MRF). This technique enabled to increase the frequency of the resonance up to 110% of the untuned resonant frequency. A piezoelectric unimorph cantilever with a natural frequency of 126 Hz is used as the laser beam chopper or shutter, which is successfully tuned in a frequency range of 126 - 270 Hz thereby enabling continuous control of the laser beam over the entire frequency range tested. A theoretical model based on variable magnetic field strength and MRF damping is presented. The magnetic force and MRF applied for damping of transient vibrations of the piezoelectric unimorph shutter have been experimentally determined

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31 December 2010
piezo materials
laser shutter
position control
magneto rheological fluids