Published: 30 June 2011

Multi-degree-of-freedom modeling of mechanical snubbing systems

Sudhir Kaul1
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This paper presents a multi-degree-of-freedom model for the design and analysis of mechanical snubbing in elastomeric isolators. The model consists of a three degree-of-freedom rigid body that is assembled to a rigid frame by means of elastomeric isolators and a snubbing system. The isolators are supplemented by the snubbing system so as to limit the displacement of the rigid body in all three directions of motion when the system undergoes transient loading or overloading conditions. The model is piecewise non-linear and uses normalized Bouc-Wen elements in order to capture inherent hysteresis of the elastomeric isolators and the snubbing system as well as the transition in stiffness and damping properties resulting due to inherent coupling between the isolators and the snubbing system. Separate elements are used to model the enhanced stiffness resulting from the snubbing system in the translating directions of motion. A set of elastomeric isolators and snubbing systems is used for data collection, characterization and model validation. The data collection is carried out at multiple strain amplitudes and strain rates. A conventional least squares based parameter identification technique is used for characterization. The completely characterized model is then used for simulating the response of the rigid body and the simulation results are compared to experimental data. The simulation results are found to be in general agreement with the experimental data.

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