Published: 30 June 2011

Computer algebra for solving dynamics problems of piezoelectric robots with large number of joints

G. Kulvietis1
R. Bansevicius2
A. Cepulkauskas3
R. Kulvietiene4
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The application of general control theory to complex mechanical systems represents an extremely difficult problem. If industrial piezoelectric robots have large number of joints, development of new control algorithms is unavoidable in order to achieve high positioning accuracy. The efficiency of computer algebra application was compared with the most popular methods of forming the dynamic equations of robots in real time. To this end, a computer algebra system VIBRAN was used. Expressions for the generalized inertia matrix of the robots have been derived by means of the computer algebra technique with the following automatic program code generation. As shown in the paper, such application could drastically reduce the number of floating point product operations that are required for efficient numerical simulation of piezoelectric robots.

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30 June 2011
Computer algebra; piezoelectric robots; real-time dynamics; numerical-symbolic computation