Published: 30 June 2011

Analysis of vibrations and stability of flock printing material

A. Kabelkaite-Lukoševice1
L. Gegeckiene2
E. Kibirkštis3
S. Havenko4
V. Bivainis5
L. Ragulskis6
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The problem of plane strain is analyzed by assuming a single layer of Lagrange quadratic elements with linear variation of the modulus of elasticity and of the density, assuming that both of them take zero values on the upper surface of the structure. The first eigenmodes are calculated. Investigation of the problem of initial stability is performed as well. On the basis of results of numerical investigations an experimental method for non-destructive evaluation of defects is proposed and it is applied for qualitative evaluation of the status of flock material and in the process of design of the elements of packages made from flock material.

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11 February 2011
15 May 2011
30 June 2011
flock printing material
plane strain
finite elements
initial stability
stability eigenmode
quality control
non-destructive evaluation
quality of flock material
experimental procedure