Published: 30 September 2011

Measurement of trajectories of piezoelectric actuators with laser

V. Grigaliunas1
G. Balciunas2
A. Vilkauskas3
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Various measurement techniques have been developed for analyzing performance of piezoelectric devices. Recently laser Doppler vibrometer (LDV) has become a widely applied instrument for vibration measurements both in scientific studies and industry. The most common type of LDV is a single-point vibrometer. In this article we propose a system consisting of the single-point LDV, beam deflector and mirrors, which enable automated 2D/3D trajectory or 2D vibration measurements, where a high number of target points can be measured with a very high spatial resolution. We used two test objects to demonstrate the performance of the system: piezo-actuator, which transforms vibrations to the rotational movement and a micrometric screw with piezo-adjustment.

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30 September 2011
trajectory measurement
laser Doppler vibrometer