Published: 30 September 2011

Vibrations of elements of packages with supplementary stiffening bio-degradable strips

A. Kabelkaite-Lukoševice1
E. Kibirkštis2
V. Bivainis3
V. Miliunas4
L. Ragulskis5
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This paper analyzes the eigenmodes of bending vibrations of a paperboard, which is treated as a plate, taking into account the additional effect of bending vibrations of a supplementary bio-degradable strip included in the paperboard. Results of experimental investigations by means of method of time-averaged projection moiré are presented in the paper and comparisons between the experimental and numerical results are performed. The study revealed that the paperboard with supplementary stiffness elements of bio-degradable strip is more ecological: the introduction of additional stiffness elements to the composition of the paperboard in the packaging material has an effect of additional rigidity of the structure and thus reduces the amplitudes of resonance vibrations. The obtained results are applied in the process of design of elements of packages.

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12 February 2011
01 September 2011
30 September 2011
element of package
finite elements
plate bending
supplementary stiffness
bio-degradable strip
experimental investigation
time averaging
projection moiré
experimental setup
glued strip
bio-degradable material