Published: 31 December 2011

Parametric synthesis of rod spatial vibroisolation system under arbitrarily directed external disturbance

A. M. Gouskov1
E. A. Korovaytseva2
G. Ya. Panovko3
A. E. Shokhin4
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A mathematical model of flexible-rod spatial vibroisolating suspension, describing the motion of protected object, is considered. An algorithm is proposed for solving the problem of spatial displacement of the object under the action of static forces applied in an arbitrary direction. The coefficients of stiffness matrix of the suspension are determined depending on the position of static equilibrium. It is demonstrated that, depending on the requirements by varying geometrical parameters of the rods, different dynamic properties of the suspension may be obtained.

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23 September 2011
04 December 2011
31 December 2011
spatial suspension
flexible rods
numerical simulation