Published: 31 March 2012

Research of electric motor-generator vibrations

Remigijus Jonušas1
Kazimieras Juzenas2
Egidijus Juzenas3
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Vibrations of industrial rotary systems, what depends on many factors, have a significant negative influence on the reliability of those machines. Although the fundamentals of vibrations monitoring, fault diagnostics and methods of vibrations reduction are known, many practical cases related with complex rotary systems still need comprehensive experimental and analytical research. This paper presents results of experimental research and numerical modelling of vibrations of middle size (0.8 MW) electric motor-generator. This motor is installed in a complex rotary machine, consisting of several sub machines: electric motor-generator, steam-fusion gas turbineaxial compressor and centrifugal compressor, connected through a mechanical reducer. The nominal rotation of the electric motor is 3000 r/min. Diagnostics of the motor have showed the increased level of vibrations. Modelling of the motor dynamics helped in determination of possible faults and finding solutions for the improvement of motor condition.

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31 March 2012
vibrations monitoring
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