Published: 31 March 2012

Transients in the electromagnetic actuator with the controlled supplier

Bronislaw Tomczuk1
Andrzej Waindok2
Dawid Wajnert3
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A calculation of transients in the electromagnetic actuator with the controlled supplier has been presented in the paper. The magnetic field model of the actuator has been created with using the finite element method (FEM) and verified experimentally. The mathematical models of the supplier and controller have been coupled with the field-circuit model of the actuator using Matlab/Simulink package. The circuit parameters have been obtained from the FEM calculations. The algorithm of the proportionally-integral (PI) controller operation has been implemented. The transients of position, current and force, for different controller parameters, have been obtained. The calculation results have been verified by the measurement tests.

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31 March 2012
control systems
linear actuators
coupled field-circuit model
modelling of mechatronic systems