Published: 31 March 2012

Indoor positioning using symmetric double-sided two-way ranging in a welding hall

Joni Jämsä1
Mika Luimula2
Sakari Pieskä3
Ossi Saukko4
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We introduce a method by which to locate sensors in a 2.4 GHz wireless network. We tested our system in a rough welding hall, where plasma cutters and welding machines commonly cause radio interference. Indoor positioning is a challenge because standardized GPStype global-positioning technologies are not available. There is therefore a need for extra infrastructure, such as wireless sensors, but moreover there is no standardized communication between sensors. Therefore, it is reasonable to investigate alternative technologies. We found that a reliable positioning system could be created by using Chirp Spread Spectrum (CSS) modulation. Also, we studied which CSS parameters affect the transfer data rate in order to determine the most reliable speed for both top and average transfer.

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31 March 2012
indoor positioning
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