Published: 31 March 2012

Ultrasonic cavitations research in flowing liquids with low depth of duct

Piotr Vasiljev1
Regimantas Bareikis2
Arunas Struckas3
S.-J. Yoon4
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A few methods and devices are known that can be used to clean heavily contaminated items (repaired car parts, watch mechanisms, clothing cleaning without washer, etc.). Basically cleaning effect appears in a small volume of liquid which was affected by ultrasonic cavitation. Surely to create cavitations a reason able amount of energy is needed. In this research we discuss possibility of creating ultrasonic cavitations in flowing liquids with approximate depth of duct of 0.1÷1 mm. We introduce an ultrasonic device that performs an ultrasonic cavitation. A huge number of modeling analysis was made for this device. A method was developed which allows us to evaluate the power of cavitation in thin layer of liquid. The dependence between depth of liquid and cavitation was explored. The boundaries of application, for research results were defined.

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