Published: 31 March 2012

Intelligent piezoelectric polymers PVDF-PZT for biosensing applications

S. Ponelyte1
A. Guobiene2
J. Puišo3
A. Palevicius4
I. Prosycevas5
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Nowadays a growing number of biosensing systems in micro- and nanoscale rely in expensive and bulky equipment that must capable accurately to resolve the angle or wavelength of optical interrogation. The costs, size, sensitivity, properties and etc which are required to assemble these biosensing tools, may limit the portability of such systems, and may restrict their usefulness in sensing applications outside of a controlled environment. This research covers creation and investigations of new piezoelectric materials based on PVDF and PZT with unique properties, i.e. synthesis, piezoelectric thin film formation, imprint of microperiodic structures, analysis of surface morphology by Atomic Force Microscopy, and analysis of diffraction efficiencies using laser diffractometer. These developments of new piezoelectric films have made it possible to understand the strengthening and deformation mechanisms in micro- and nanoscales together by bringing new insights in biosensing applications.

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31 March 2012
atomic force microscope
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