Published: 30 June 2012

Aeroelastic self-oscillations of gas seal wall

Joury Temis1
Alexey Selivanov2
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The channel with a moving wall is considered to describe aeroelastic oscillations induced by gas flow. One of the channel walls has two degrees of freedom and it is supported by springs and dampers. The multi-fields investigation method is based on simulation transient gas flow in the channel to calculate aerodynamic forces acting on the wall. Corresponding rigidity and damping gas flow parameters obtained from these loads are included into the wall oscillations model for the stability analysis. The models are developed for two channel types: with smooth and finned wall. Aeroelastic stability boundary is shown for both channels. An effect of structural parameters on the realization of convergent oscillation and self-oscillation modes is shown too. A paradox of system destabilization with the increasing damping is observed for a certain parameter set.

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30 June 2012
aeroelastic stability
gas flow