Published: 30 June 2012

Biomedical signal identification and analysis

Agata Nawrocka1
Andrzej Kot2
Marcin Nawrocki3
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In the article there have been presented methods of measuring and analysis biological signals, which may be used as signals control mechanical system. Among others, ther have been decribed the usage of EEG (electroencephalographic signal). Like in the case of other signals, the analysis of bio-medical signals most often resolves itself to the frequency analysis of their content with the help of Fourier transformation, and their processing the most often has a form of frequency filtering; in other words, removing from a signal its components with defined frequencies, for example, interferences. The researches have two parts. In the first part date was generated in Lab View program, and next the analysis was done (it was an example of EEG signal). In the next part the EEG signal was measured using 32 channels apertures and next real signal was analyzed using Lab View.

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