Published: 30 June 2012

Experimental studies of stabilization of boring cutter form – building top oscillation

M. R. Sikhimbaev1
K. T. Sherov2
O. M. Zharkevich3
A. K. Sherov4
Yu. O. Tkachyova5
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The article deals with application of automatic control of cutting tool oscillations, which permits to control the cross-sectional form of a hole. This parameter can be controlled in mass-produced machine tools only through machine tool geometrical relationship, which is ensured during manufacturing of metal cutting machine tools. The purpose of the proposed control system is to increase technological capabilities of the equipment in order to improve boring accuracy as compared with the accuracy regulated by the standards for this type of equipment. Testing of the proposed technological equipment demonstrated high efficiency of damping in the process of boring in terms of response to mechanical and impact actions. Rational combinations of cutting modes were revealed, which provide the needed accuracy and acceptable productivity in the hole cutting process.

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30 June 2012
automatic control system
oscillation stabilization
technological equipment