Published: 30 September 2012

Influence of concave groove on transmission of blasting vibration wave

Iau-Teh Wang1
Chin-Yu Lee2
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With the extensive application of blasting techniques, the prediction and hazard control of explosion-induced vibration is an important issue which cannot be ignored in blasting engineering. A numerical approach is presented to study the explosion-induced pressure load on the surface of C-4 explosives in a semi-infinite space, in order to explore the effectiveness of concave grooves in ground vibration wave barrier. Numerical simulations are carried out by using a widely applied explicit dynamic nonlinear finite element software LS-DYNA and adopted the Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian method for numerical analysis to simulate the propagation of blast waves. The analysis shows that the concave grooves have a significant effect on attenuating the propagation of detonation waves. The vibration control is related to the width and depth of the groove, and the impact of the depth is greater than that of the width. This study can be used as a reference in hazard control of explosion-induced vibration.

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concave groove
wave barrier
vibration control
ground vibration